"Slaughter of the Innocent": An open letter to President Obama

Dear President Obama:

I was thankful to hear you speak out against the slaughter of the innocent. I have some suggestions to help you achieve that goal.

First, do not revoke the Mexico City policy that prevents our tax dollars from being used to promote the slaughter of innocent children prior to birth- instead continue to support FP programs that are not associated with abortion of innocent children before birth. Millions of innocent Chinese children are slaughtered at birth against their parent’s wishes with the assistance of the UNFPA.

Often a woman is under intense pressure by her family or by the man who impregnated her to have her innocent unborn child slaughtered. Women’s Right to Know Acts give these women information that helps them withstand this pressure. Abortions in states with these laws drop significantly. None of these laws prevent even one woman who wants to have her innocent child slaughtered before birth from legally hiring a licensed doctor to slaughter her innocent child, so her choice is intact. Promoting a Federal WRTK act would prevent the needless slaughter of some of these innocent children, if only the ones whose mothers would otherwise agree under duress to their slaughter.

You can promote the bill to protect adolescents from child predators who impregnate them and then take them across state lines to avoid state parental notification/consent laws and have their innocent unborn children slaughtered. The bill would make such interstate commerce illegal. Whether these innocent children were still slaughtered with their grandparents knowledge or not, al least their grandparents would be there for their daughters and to monitor them for complications. And some adolescents with their parents support might choose not to slaughter their innocent unborn children.

Another thing you can do is to leave intact the new regulations that protect physicians like me and other healthcare professionals from being forced to participate in the slaughter of innocent children prior to birth either directly or through being forced to refer them to someone else who will slaughter these innocents. There has been a move on the part of some agencies to force this, and it is significant that regulations to prevent this went into effect on your inauguration day. Please keep them.

Finally, you can resist the pressure from members of your party to make the American people pay for the slaughter of innocents in any proposed health plans either directly through tax dollars or indirectly through mandated insurance coverage of abortion, the slaughter of innocents prior to birth.


Patricia Lee June, MD

Dr. June is a Pediatrician from Moultrie, GA and a member of the Board of Directors of Presbyterians Pro-Life.