When did I get to be a "foe"?

This morning's Pittsburgh Tribune Review included a headline, "Foes of abortion....". Wait a minute! Stop there. Are you talking about me?

It's true, I am outspoken against abortion. Who wouldn't be? Have you seen what abortion does to an unborn baby? Are those images of tiny hands and feet severed and lying in pools of blood burned into your brain as they are into mine? Who wouldn't be a "foe" of such violent destruction of the smallest and weakest of human beings?

On the other hand, I don't view myself as "anti" anything or a "foe" of anyone. And by the way, when have you ever known the media to refer to those holding a pro-choice view as "foes of the fetus" or "anti-life-of-the-unborn"? Of course not. Clearly that would be a disrespectful way to address the many who still believe our disagreement is about woman's choice rather than the lives of millions of unborn babies.

Instead the article I read this morning called those who want women to have the right to end the life in their womb, "advocates for legal abortion". Hmm, that's odd. I've never read an article that identified a pro-lifer as an "advocate for the pre-born" and yet, that is exactly what we are!

Today hundreds of thousands of advocates for the pre-born will march in Washington D.C. as a living testimony to our government officials that we are "foes" of Roe v. Wade and, yes, "foes of abortion". They will worship and pray and sing as they march. They will not look or sound like foes. Most of them will look like you and me. Many will be young men and women, passionately aware that millions of their generation are missing due to the legalization of abortion in America!

Sadly, not many of those marching will be Presbyterian...because in the PC(USA) those who hold a pro-life view, "advocates for the pre-born" are viewed as dissenters---as "foes" if you will. It's not a popular identification and not many can stomach it. Too many are silenced by fear of being seen to be a "foe". Still, in July 2010 in Minneapolis, members of the Presbyterians Pro-Life GA team will stand once more, giving testimony in committee that we are "foes" of the social policy of the PC(USA) which currently endorses the slaughter of innocents, as a morally acceptable choice. We have been standing against abortion on behalf of the pre-born in this denomination for more than 30 years. Maybe we are "foes of abortion", and I think I'm okay with that!

"From my mother's womb you have been my God." Psalm 22:10


  1. Thank you for this post, Marie. I am so grateful PPL is active within the PC(USA) and that you are the Executive Director. It gives me hope.

    John Erthein
    Erie, PA

  2. Excellent post, Marie! So often language is used subtly to color how people are seen. You are right, we are advocates for the unborn: the weakest, most defenseless among us, those who have no voice of their own. Surely those who wish to kill them are the true foes.

    Debbie Berkley
    Member, First Pres. of Bellevue (WA)

  3. Kudos to this blog post! It is so true that when Christians are against something, we become haters to the general public. But for whatever reason, we are hated by them and they are advocates. Oh well. We are called to suffer. Keep doing what we know is right. The rewards will be great.

  4. What's really interesting is that the Tribune-Review is the conservative paper in Pittsburgh.


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