PPL Orientation for GA 2010

This post is from Sean Bowen, the Administrative Assistant of PPL:

Yesterday afternoon our team of volunteers for the 219th General Assembly of the PC(USA) met for their crash course on GA happenings and PPL's work.  We heard from our president, John Sheldon, and other veterans of the cause about what work needs to be done and how PPL aims to accomplish it.  I have been to a few GA's in the past, in supportive roles, but even with some experience and the knowledge of PPL's internal workings, I feel overwhelmed at the enormity of our task.  Our team is small and the body of the General Assembly, the highest governing body of the Presbyterian Church (USA), is huge in comparison.  The number of hearts and minds that we have to sway, moderates who have yet to stand for life in the church and those who oppose a Biblical understanding of the sanctity of life in the womb, far outweighs our few voices.

I do not mean to offend and using battle metaphors to express the disagreement over life issues may not be constructive, but I keep thinking of David and Goliath.  It boggles my mind that so many people can avoid standing up for what God has made holy and precious.  I grieve that so many seem to be easily persuaded that a woman ought to be allowed to choose death for her child in the womb.  I grieve because God loves life, he loves babies and kids and pregnant mothers.  I grieve because God loves people who are hurting and provides for them in every situation and the church steals that care away from people by lying about what is acceptable. But I know that when people oppose PPL, or just want nothing to do with us, that does not make them our combatants.  We do not wage war against the flesh, as Ephesians 6:12 declares, these people are our sisters and brothers in the church.  But the Goliath we face this week is a wrong belief, a deception from the enemy of our souls.  And I suppose the numbers of people under that deception makes me fearful that we will not succeed.

But that is not how David's story went, he courageously stood for the Lord and his reputation as God Most High, the Deliverer and Defender of Israel.  And with a single smooth stone, so much like the simple truth uttered in faith, was used by God to destroy that giant.  I will not give up my hope nor lose faith that God can do all things and that I, living in the strength of my Savior Jesus, can cast a faithful word that he might use to redeem his church.

If you are with us, stand fast and pray for us.  Orientation was a fruitful time, as I am sure our work here will show fruit, but we need encouragement and we need God to make our words and work effective.  And so it should be, by the power of God alone, otherwise we might sin in thinking we did it ourselves.