Stack of PPL's Daily Delivery trashed--twice!

At the 219th General Assembly this year there are no commissioner mailboxes. Commissioners can request them if they wish but they are not automatically provided. PPL has always placed their daily newsletter Daily Delivery in those boxes.

Instead, tables have been set at the entrance to the Plenary where materials can be placed by unofficial groups at the GA.

For the most part, GA is a place of courteous and civil debate and individuals and groups with widely divergent viewpoints co-exist in relative peace. However, at least one individual took mean spirited action yesterday, dumping the entire stack of PPL's Daily Delivery in the trash basket, not once but twice. It's sad to see such a display of childishness at a meeting of the highest governing body of the PC(USA).

We've posted that issue and you can download it here.


  1. That sucks. I'm sorry that happened.


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