The Lie that is Planned Parenthood

“You can’t make peace with evil because—evil always wants more.” The previous discussion had been about peacemaking efforts in the Middle East. The speaker was an Asian man and a member of the Peacemaking and Justice subcommittee of the General Assembly Mission Council of the Presbyterian Church (USA). I was an observer at that meeting and this gentleman came up to me with these amazing words during a break in the meeting. I haven’t spoken with him since, but those words made a profound impact on me because they are words of truth.

Jesus said, I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life and those who are Christ followers ought to be people who speak words of truth. Sadly, sometimes the Church has made the mistake of trying to make peace with evil. Take abortion. Our denomination has spoken words condoning abortion. They have attached qualifiers such as “is not morally acceptable for gender selection” and “it is preferable for it to happen earlier rather than later” and “abortion ought to be an option of last resort.”[1] And they have tried to write a policy that makes peace between those words and words that affirm that God is the creator of life and human life belongs to God. “The strong Christian presumption is that since all life is precious to God, we are to preserve and protect it,” and “taking of human life is sin.”[2] There is no peace between truth and a lie.

Lies always lead to more evil. Take Planned Parenthood. Many good people have supported Planned Parenthood throughout the years because they believed the lie that birth control was the answer to the perceived problem of ‘over-population.’ Many thought that birth control was the solution to poverty, especially among racial minorities—communities where poverty was concentrated. But evil was not content to espouse birth control, it wanted more and Planned Parenthood became the number one abortion provider in the United States and in 2009 received 363 million dollars of your tax money and mine. They perpetuate the lie that “women need abortion.” Think about what that really means morally and spiritually. Do women need to make the choice to have their vulnerable, dependant, unborn baby torn limb from limb (without benefit of anesthesia) and removed from his or her God sanctioned safe environment—his/her mother’s womb—by suction, or forceps? What does the mother become morally & spiritually when she makes this decision? A woman may need provision, safety, counseling, assistance, but she does not need abortion. What woman needs to take the life of her own child?

But that is just one of the lies that Planned Parenthood espouses. The trouble with lies is that the truth will come out! Over the last two year period, Planned Parenthood’s house of lies is crumbling. Clinic staff at various facilities have been caught on video covering up statutory rape. Abby Johnson, former director of a Planned Parenthood clinic, has written a book exposing the underlying lies that allowed her to rationalize her participation in abortion for eight years. She has since repented and her life has dramatically changed direction by the grace of God.

In the last few weeks two new videos have recorded Planned Parenthood staff telling those involved in the sex trafficking of minor girls as young as age 13 how to cover up their unlawful abuse. Videographers posing as a pimp and his prostitute heard staff instruct them on how to get abortions for minors without parental knowledge or consent, and how to circumvent laws that require the reporting of statutory rape! If you don’t believe it, watch these two videos for yourself.

Planned Parenthood Aids Pimp's Underage Sex Ring
Bronx, NY Planned Parenthood tells pimp he can pose as "guardian" for underage sex slaves

The PCUSA General Assembly in 2008 made a strong statement against sex-trafficking, urging the Stated Clerk and the General Assembly Mission Council to work to strengthen laws against sex trafficking and bring to justice those who break those laws. In 1992 the General Assembly approved an abortion policy that advocates against any legal restrictions on abortion, access to abortion or public funding of abortion. The PC(USA) is a member of the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Rights, an organization which is on record advocating against ANY restrictions on abortion including parental consent or information requirements. How will we make peace between these competing interests in our own policy advocacy? “You can’t make peace with evil—evil always wants more.”

[1] Report of the Special Committee on Problem Pregnancies and Abortion, I.E.1.g,h,l, PCUSA, 1992, p. 11.

[2] Ibid, I.E.1.l,n(5).


  1. NEVER call an unborn baby "it". It's either "he" or "she". All unborn babies have a gender. "It" depersonalizes them.

  2. Thanks for that correction, Anonymous. You speak the truth and I have edited my post accordingly. I'm glad you read my post and offered your feedback.

  3. Planned Parenthood also lies to potential abortion patients about the risks of abortion:


  4. Thanks for this link, Thunderkitty. You are absolutely correct that Planned Parenthood lies about and downplays the risk--physical, emotional, and spiritual. There are two victims in every abortion. Abortion harms women and it kills babies and that hurts us all in the church and in society.


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