God or Sophia?

After the Obama Administration announced that it would force The Catholic Church and others to pay to provide sterilization, contraceptive, and abortion services in health care plans for employees, the public outcry among those of faith was loud and clear--except in the PC(USA) and others affiliated with the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice.  The Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice (or RCRC) is known for supporting late-term and partial-birth abortions without restriction, so it is no surprise that it sides with those who (ironically) seek to force their “choice” on everyone.  Still, it is hard for other Christians to stomach.  
The Institute on Religion and Democracy’s President Mark Tooley commented:
"How bizarre that these religious institutions are openly applauding a federal government imposed mandate that would override the liberty of religious institutions to uphold their own beliefs. For left-wing Mainline Protestant elites and others, are coercive government control and subsidized sexual freedom more important than religious freedom? What other government impositions on faith would these church groups support?”
Perhaps some clue into the collective mind of the PC(USA) leadership lies in Reformed Theology.  We are depraved.  Our natures are bent, and we cannot even recognize our own error.  The PC(USA) proudly thinks it is doing the right thing, but in this case, (as in most) its sin is idolatry.  
Those who are pro-abortion unabashedly proclaim that a woman’s right to control her body trumps every other consideration, including Biblical authority and a child’s right to be born alive.  A pro-abortion pastor told me that the very presence of PPL was “an affront” to women because PPL’s existence was judgmental in that it made women feel bad.  This, however, is serious error.  Such thinking elevates a woman’s body over God.  If a woman’s body and feelings, and “choice” are more important than obedience to the commandment not to murder, then that is not a right--it is idolatry.   


  1. Thanks Martha,

    You are so right. Now the choice is no choice at all. The intolerance of the tolerant.


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